2003 Route 52, Suite D, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
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Hopewell Junction Martial Arts

Get Fit. Be Strong. Feel Empowered.

The 5 Life-Changing Gifts of
Martial Arts. For Kids AND Adults.

Hello and welcome,

We’re so proud of you for investing in yourself and your personal protection! Our Hopewell Junction martial arts school is a place to get fit and learn self-defense... but the truth is it's so much more.

Did you know that our students experience serious, life-changing benefits beyond physical fitness when they train with us? Most of them are not prepared for the soul-filling, heartwarming effects of our classes and how they change a person's whole outlook on life.

We’ve had students struggling through depression, loneliness, and even divorce spring to life in our classes. We’ve seen children struggling with attention issues become focused and transform into model students.

The benefits of training are life altering and positive. Below we’d like to share a few more changes our students tell us they love experiencing too.

More Confidence

One of the first things both children AND adults notice when training with us is a big boost in confidence. And it makes sense when you think about it.

After all, martial arts is challenging. Yet when you persevere in the face of challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you thought.

Realizing that makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way.

This goes for kids, too. Their confidence boosts quickly as well.

Increased Focus & Mental Clarity

Since the techniques are new, they require your full attention. As you concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, following along with what they taught you, and then remembering what you learned when you get home...

...the intense concentration starts to naturally flow. It pours into all other areas of your life including work, school, and even other activities and sports you do for fun.

Adults are able to focus better at work, reaching goals easier while kids report doing better in school all around.

You’ll Get Fit

Each class is loaded with challenging, fun exercise. But because you're so focused on performing techniques, and having so much fun, you hardly notice it. Before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts...

... you got a great workout, too. Being physically fit boosts energy, mental clarity, and confidence as well.


We're a tight-knit group here. And our members and instructors are all about support and friendship. Kids and adults both make friends with the other members, and as a result, our community thrives.

We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. It's truly great to experience.

My Personal Favorite: FUN!

These classes are NOT military-style where someone shouts at you and forces you to do a bunch of things you hate! No, these classes are filled with FUN. Laughter can be heard throughout every class, people can be seen smiling, and the time flies.

We want you to enjoy coming here, so we make it as fun and engaging as possible for you. That goes for both kids and adults.

You can call our Hopewell Junction kids martial arts classes "family classes" because the parents of our students love these classes as much as their kids. And why not when the end-result is discipline and great sense of respect for kids of all ages! We focus on a well-rounded student; well behaved everywhere and a good performer in school.

Kids love our martial arts classes because we blend fun activities and games, and still dedicate pure focus time to learn new techniques while perfecting the old ones.

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... pizza (of course!)... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show!

They'll help teach martial arts to their friends... cut the birthday cake with a real sword (carefully supervised of course!)... and break a wooden board with just their hands or feet (if they've reached this level in their training). Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

Our Hopewell Junction Kids Martial Arts classes are not only geared towards excellent self-defense techniques, striking, and kicking - children ages 3 and up are taught self-discipline, focus, and respect. Parents of the students love our classes too because they have seen their kids become better behaved everywhere they go and often perform better in school.

We love to keep the kids engaged and attentive with a little bit of play! It's fun for kids, parents, and the instructors. Classes are packed with fun activities and games as kids improve techniques and have a blast!

Our Hopewell Junction Kids Martial Arts After School Program is perfect for the concerned parent on the go! Since we pick your child up from school, they'll be in a safe and exciting learning environment full of high energy activities with a focus on their studies...right up until the time you pick them up. Get ready to hear all about how much fun they had during your ride home!

They'll get a great mixture of martial arts, healthy exercise, and fun activities. Plus - lessons on respect, discipline, and paying attention are always front and center during study and campus time. It's deeply enriching and a lot of fun!

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East Coast Martial Arts is Committed to Building Tomorrow’s Champions by providing you with the most practical and effective self-defense methods - second to none. We specialize in karate and kickboxing for both kids and adults. Offering a unique style of American Karate is what makes East Coast Martial Arts different from other Dojos.

Our school is a modern facility that appeals to families looking for a safe, fun and positive environment, where you can get the exercise you need to stay fit, strong and healthy. One of our goals is to teach martial arts to as many families as we can. We really believe in its life-changing effects, and we'd love for you to experience them too.

The overall goal at East Coast Martial Arts is to create a positive training environment where you can learn the true art of self-defense, while creating lasting friendships with your new Dojo brothers and sisters. Everyone here is upbeat and encouraging and you’ll NEVER feel out of place – we promise!

We put a lot of emphasis on having a fun, friendly environment and want you to be comfortable in all aspects of your training while you begin your journey to Black Belt. Our school is dedicated to building a strong community one black belt at a time.

Along with good martial arts technique, your child will also learn valuable character skills that will help them become SUCCESSFUL in life. And adults can hone their skills to achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of or take their current success to an even higher level.   

East Coast will not only teach you how to do epic kicks, punches, strikes and throws, but will also EMPOWER your kids with important values such as respect, courtesy, patience, confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude and having an unstoppable spirit.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn karate or kickboxing, you are entering the world of martial arts that will enrich your family’s life in the following ways:

And, of course, we do that in a FUN way with plenty of high fives and fist bumps! Your kids will LOVE our classes so much; they won’t stop talking about it. They’ll SMILE from ear to ear as they tell you and their friends about all the COOL new things they’re learning, how good it makes them feel and all the awesome new FRIENDS they have!

All of that will enable your child to be happy, well-adjusted and successful. They’ll be motivated to apply themselves at everything they do, get good grades in school and make better decisions.

Those are PRICELESS BENEFITS that are a lot more affordable than you may think.

Check out our SUPER LOW web special on this site for instant savings or stop by for a tour of the facility! Classes fill up FAST so reserve your spot today! 

Our highly knowledgeable and caring instructors will help your kids progress physically, mentally and spiritually in order to achieve their fullest potential. We strive to improve our service to you by continually educating and training our professional team of instructors.

With this strong mindset of always improving ourselves, you can be assured that you are part of a team that is on a lifelong quest to be the very best and share what we know with you so YOU can be the very BEST too.

Come see what we’re all about and take advantage of the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most fun you’ve EVER had getting fit!  We can't wait to train with you and cheer you on every step of the way! 

Meet Our Awesome Head Instructor…

Sensei Barry Gonzalez grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, where he started his training at the age of 9 years old. He trained at the world famous White Tiger Dojo.

Sensei Barry received his Junior Black Belt at age 12 and then started competing on the National Circuit, where he was a member of the Number 1 Junior Team Metro All Stars.

Sensei Barry started teaching when he was only 18 years old. His goal was to gain enough experience to one day open his own school. Applying the same hard work and dedication he used to earn his black belt, he achieved his goal of opening his own martial arts school in 2013. 

Martial Arts has played a big role in Sensei Barry’s life and he hopes to give back by helping others gain confidence and self-respect.

Sensei Barry’s primary focus is not only to help his students attain their black belts but, most importantly, help them succeed in all aspects of their lives through discipline and self-control.

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