Who We Are

East Coast Martial Arts is committed to building tomorrow’s champions by providing you with the most practical and effective self-defense methods - second to none. We specialize in karate and kickboxing for both children and adults. Offering a unique style of American Karate is what makes East Coast Martial Arts different from other Dojos.

Our primary goal is to create a positive training environment where all students can learn the true art of self-defense. We make it a priority to ensure our students feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of training. Our school is dedicated to building a strong community one black belt at a time.

In addition to providing effective Martials Arts and Kickboxing instruction, East Coast takes pride in empowering our students to practice core values such as respect, courtesy, patience, confidence, dedication and self-esteem.  These values are the fundamental principles to learning self-defense and are characteristics needed in all successful black belts. 

Our highly knowledgeable and caring instructors will help all students progress physically, mentally and spiritually while encouraging them to reach their highest potential. 

We welcome you to come tour our facility and take advantages of the best prices. Classes fill up fast to reserve your spot today!

Sensei Barry Gonzalez

Head Instructor



Amazing school! Patience and skills that I’m thrilled to have my son learning from such a great teacher!
— Jamie C
Sensei Barry is phenomenal! My son has learned a lot from him! He has more self confidence and focus and loves his classes! I myself, have tried his Kickboxing class as well and can tell you that he truly loves what he does whether he is with the children or with adults!
— Angelique Rodriguez
Excellent for kids and adults. The school is family friendly and always inviting. Sensei Barry is dedicated, AMAZING with all the children and the kickboxing classes are second to none! My kids and I love it!
— mjflores0611